Probate Services in Cheshire

Whether you are looking for a full probate service or prefer our Probate Assist Service our team is dedicated to giving you an empathetic and efficient service. Our aim is to offer the best probate service in Cheshire.  Our probate team use leading edge technology to ensure that all the deceased person’s assets are discovered and the whole process confirms to the highest level of legal expertise.


We appreciate these difficulties and in light of this we are there to assist. Because we offer one of the best probate services in Cheshire, we work hard to ensure that dealing with such matters is as easy as it can be. Alongside this, our highly qualified estates and probate team will see that this is done to a high level of legal expertise.

We can offer a full probate service that deals with every aspect of the process or, where a family member is named as executor and wants to be involved but not sure of the legal considerations, we also offer a service that we call Probate Assist.  Probate Assist can be tailored to your specific needs.  This is a more cost-efficient way of a family member going through probate and submitting the application for a Grant of Probate, whilst being certain that they have covered all of the legal and tax implications.  In some cases we can even uncover assets that the family was not aware of that more than covers our Probate Assist fee.

You have done a sterling job!! Certainly reduced my stress levels as executor.

JF – Axminster

Your Local Probate Law Specialists

Probate involves applying to the Court (Probate Registry) and submitting a tax declaration to HM Revenue & Customs for the purpose of Inheritance Tax (death duties) even if no tax is payable.

If you are looking for probate services in Cheshire, we can carry out all the necessary work which includes (but not limited to) the following:


Preparation of the necessary documentation in order to obtain the Grant of Probate
Application to the Probate Registry to get the appropriate Grant of Representation
Ensuring the correct distribution of the estate:
Assessment and resolution of any claims against the estate
Placing all statutory adverts to manage claims against the estate
Making an assessment on any variations of how the estate is to be distributed


Communicating with executors and beneficiaries of the estate throughout the course of the administration of the estate
Communicating with financial institutions and relevant organisations to the estate throughout the course of administration of the estate
Identifying, verifying and valuing assets based in England and Wales
Gathering assets of the estate
Preparation of accounts of the estate for beneficiaries
Distribution of the estate to beneficiaries


Preparing and completing effective Inheritance Tax Planning
Claiming any relevant relief or exemptions that might apply to the estate
Calculating any Inheritance Tax that might be owed

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LPA’s Cheshire Ltd is experienced in all aspects of probate services in Cheshire. Probate is the process where a Will is proved by a judge in a court of law and accepted as a valid document expressing the true final wishes of the deceased.  The assets of the deceased are called the estate.  In most cases the estate can not be legally distributed to the beneficiaries until  a Grant of Probate has been given by the court.

Please contact our Probate Planning Specialists for more information about LPA’s Cheshire Ltd probate service and advice on effective probate and estate administration.