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LPA’s Cheshire is dedicated to protecting you, your family and your estate. Specialising in Wills and Trusts, Probate, Lasting Power of Attorney, Long Term Care Fee and Inheritance Tax Mitigation. We offer a caring and personal service covering all areas in and around Cheshire.

We can meet you on Zoom, visit you in your home or you can come to one of our offices. Evening and weekend appointments are available.


LPA’s Cheshire

Professionalism doesn’t have to be old fashioned and stuffy, so you’ll find us approachable, easy to talk to and more than willing to convert all the legal jargon into plain, everyday English that everyone understands.

As a small company we are fast to adapt to the changing needs of clients and now offer initial meetings via Zoom.  We can also offer evening and weekend appointments to suit your needs.

We have a strong client base in Cheshire and North Wales and also cover the whole of England and Wales with our specialist Estate Planning solutions.

Even though we have an approachable and friendly attitude we still value professionalism and have the highest standards when it comes to dealing with your Estate, for example:

  • We follow a strict Code of Conduct laid out by The Institute of Professional Will Writers and STEP guidelines
  • We carry professional indemnity insurance
  • We attend Continuing Professional Development seminars throughout the year. This is extremely important because if the law or tax threshold changes, then it may affect your planning and we would notify you if this was the case.

We stand out from other Will writing services because we understand how both the legal and tax aspects affect your Estate Planning.  This understanding allows us to better protect your money for your loved ones.

We also make sure that you understand the planning that you put in place.  As we mentioned at the top of this section there is a lot of jargon or more technically speaking a Will needs a lot of legal terminology included that isn’t necessarily understood by a person who hasn’t had legal training.  Whilst we explain in person in plain English we totally understand that you may have forgotten what we tell you in a few years time so we provide you with a written document called a Will Commentary which goes through your Will section by section and rewords each section in plain English.

Finally we ensure that it is very difficult for someone to contest your Will by putting in place a set of procedures and documents that make it very clear that the wishes that you expressed in your Will were indisputably the wished that you wanted to be carried out on your death.


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Your Estate Planners role

Your Estate Planning Consultant can guide you through the lasting power of attorney process, explaining the options available and can also act as your certificate provider. Your Estate Planning Consultant will carefully draft your lasting power of attorney to reflect your wishes and can also make the application to register the document with the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf. In some cases, an Estate Planning Consultant can also be appointed as your attorney either alone or together with a relative or close friend providing you with complete peace of mind that your affairs will be professionally managed if you ever become incapable of managing them yourself.

There are 2 types of power of attorney:

Property and Financial

If you want someone to look after your financial affairs for a short period of time or on a temporary basis, for example to sell a house on your behalf whilst you are abroad, you can give them a general or ordinary power of attorney in Cheshire.

It is very important that you do not use an ordinary power of attorney if:

you have been diagnosed with a mental health problem or other disease which can lead to mental incapacity; &
you think you may develop a mental health problem or other disease which can lead to mental incapacity.

This is because your attorney will be unable to continue using the ordinary power of attorney if you lose your mental capacity. Under these circumstances, it is more appropriate to create a lasting power of attorney. If you do not create a lasting power of attorney in Cheshire and you later lose mental capacity then your loved ones may need to make an application to the court of protection to be appointed as your deputy. An application for the appointment of a deputy can be a long and costly process at a time when urgent decisions may need to be made on your behalf for example accessing your savings to pay for your care and other such bills.

Health and Welfare

A lasting power of attorney must be made whilst you still have mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. You will need to consider who will make decisions for you should you be unable to do so yourself. The person or persons whom you choose are called attorneys.

You will need to consider which type of lasting power of attorney in Cheshire you need:

Property & financial affairs lasting power of attorney;
Health & welfare lasting power of attorney.

You will then need to complete a form; there is one for the property & affairs lasting power of attorney and a different one for the health & welfare lasting power of attorney. The forms must be completed very carefully to avoid them being rejected by the Office of the Public Guardian when they are registered.

You can give your attorneys a general power to manage all your affairs or limit their authority to specific matters. You can also place conditions and restrictions on your attorneys which they must comply with or you can give them guidance that they must take account of but do not necessarily have to follow.

As a safeguard you can nominate persons who must be notified when the lasting power of attorney is registered. It is worth remembering that your attorneys cannot use the lasting power of attorney until it has been registered. Nominating persons who must be notified of the registration process is an important safeguard because if you lack capacity then they can raise any concerns directly with the Office of the Public Guardian.

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